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Prescription medications: All prescription medications must be in the original container, properly labeled with prescription and accompanied by a signed form stating:

  1. Name of Medication
  2. Name of student
  3. Amount to be given
  4. Time to be given
  5. Signature of the parent/guardian
  6. Doctor's signature

A change in dosage requires a new prescription or doctor's order and a new form. Sample prescription medications must be accompanied by a doctor's order in lieu of the prescription. Inhalers must also have the prescription attached. Students may carry and self administer inhalers if the parent wishes with the appropriate form signed by both the doctor and the parent/guardian. Life saving medications such as EpiPens, etc. may also be carried with the above procedure. All other medications are to be kept in the nurses' office. All medication forms and doctor's orders are not transferred from year to year. They must be renewed each school year.

Non-Prescription medications: All non-prescription medication must be provided by the parent/guardian and be accompanied by a signed school form. No aspirin or aspirin containing medications will be given at school unless ordered by a licensed physician. All non-prescription medications must be in the original container and labeled with the student's name. These medications can only be given in accordance with the label directions unless a doctor's order is provided to override the directions. All non-prescribed medications will be kept in the nurses' office and may stay there for use all year. They will be given on an "as needed and only on an occasional basis" to your child. A new form is required each school year. All medications will be thrown away at the end of the school year if not picked up by parent/guardian.

Only medications prescribed by a licensed U.S. physician will be given at school. No homeopathic medications can be given by school personnel. Students may not have medications of any kind on their person or in lockers, etc., except for those specified above. Students may not give or take any medications to or from other students. These situations may be treated as drug offenses. Medications will be given by the school nurse or by designated trained school personnel in their absence. Medication forms are available in the nurses office or on this website. All medications not following these procedure will not be given.